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Guide 101: Top Things That Matter For Creating A Website

Regardless of the purpose, if you plan to launch a website, you have to focus on the right aspects and get the right start. There are two obvious choices – You can either choose to hire a web developer for the job, or you can create your own theme and design. The latter may seem complicated, but with website builders and advanced Content Management Systems, it’s pretty manageable. If you are wondering how to design a website, we have a guide below with the right aspects that need your immediate attention.

Select a CMS

The Content Management System is also called the platform. This is basically where you will be uploading files, and the CMS allows you to have complete control over the website, right from editing and updating files to managing regular activities. If you are new to all of this and need a basic and neat website, we recommend that you start with WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use and is the best CMS for blogs and generic websites.

Get your domain immediately

There are close to 650 million domains on the web, and more are being registered every single day. As such, chances are high that the top domains are already booked, so your next best choice is something that resembles your business, niche, idea or a relevant keyword. The extension of the domain is also important. Generally, .com domains are preferred, but if yours is a small business website, you can settle for .biz or .co. For local businesses, location-based extensions are not bad either.

Don’t settle for free hosting

Most of us are enamored by the idea of free services, but when it comes to hosting, you need to be a tad more careful. Yes, you can host your website for free. However, there is usually some compromise for that. For example, WordPress offers free domains but with its own extension. So, your website will read www.yourwebsitehere.wordpress.com. Other free services have limited bandwidth and storage – These are aspects you don’t want to meddle with. Make sure that you go for a reliable web hosting provider, such as BlueHost, which offers assured uptime.

Finally, you have to select the right website builder for the job. If you are using WordPress, all the tools and plug-ins you need are already included, and there are quite a few templates and themes to choose from. Do your homework before you embark on the journey of finding a website.

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